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The agreement regarding participation in the High Tech Platform applies for 1 year and implies automatic renewal for 1 year. Cancellation must be received in writing by registered mail at least 2 months prior to expiry of contract. Subscriptions to the High Tech Platform will be invoiced annually. All charges mentioned exclude VAT. Mikrocentrum reserves the right to refuse applications. Mikrocentrum cannot be held responsible for the content of the showcases.

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Waarom deze bedrijven lid zijn:

Neitraco Engineering BV 

"Neitraco Engineering has been a member of the Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform for many years. We believe that the platform fulfils an important role in bringing parties together and spreading knowledge among its members. Over the years, Mikrocentrum has thus acquired an important role in increasing Dutch innovation power and improving the competitive position of companies. Through participation in trade fairs, courses and Meet & Match events, the Neitraco Group is also reaping the benefits of this!"

Dirk van Sambeek, Managing Director

BKB Precision

"BKB Precision is a member because the knowledge and skills of our people are important. Mikrocentrum and its platform helps us by training people, expanding our network and making new contacts. And of course by being enterprising, as we are. A great match!"

Berrie van de Burgt, Sales Director


Ter Hoek Vonkerosie Rijssen

"Ter Hoek is a member of the Mikrocentrum High Tech Platform because, as a specialist, we depend on other specialists. Mikrocentrum has a broad network and a large range of (technical) training courses enabling us as an organisation, but especially our people, to continue to develop. In addition, Mikrocentrum organises the annual Precision Fair in Veldhoven, which for us is the most successful fair of the year".

 Willem Jan ter Hoek, Sales Manager


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